What's our vision of decent work and shared prosperity?

At Atkinson, we’ve been asking ourselves and our collaborators this question for a few years now. Our emerging vision includes:

More good jobs and secure incomes. Better access to work and opportunities for advancement, especially for people facing hidden barriers. The most practical child care options for working parents and caregivers as well as the strongest start possible for children. The best working conditions and fair remuneration for early childhood educators.

More diverse voices talking about what makes work decent. More people taking collective action — online and offline — to make it so. Inspiring, unified movements determined to change the narrative that insists inequality is inevitable, and to reform public policy.

More knowledge about work, wealth and wellbeing. How to invest our assets and use our economic power as an “anchor institution.” How to meaningfully engage people in building community wealth.

The Mowat Centre has prepared three reports for us — on anchor institutionscommunity benefits agreements, and a jurisdictional review of community benefits and social procurement policies – as part of a new series called The Prosperous Province: Strategies for Building Community Wealth. Together with our partners, we’re starting an important conversation about how to reduce poverty by using our collective economic power more deliberately and strategically.