Creating the Future of Work

Canadians look out for each other. We help each other through the tough times. All of us know we can do better. Together, we can create the conditions for decent work in every place, sector and situation. This is Atkinson’s agenda.  We’re  pursuing it as part of a diverse and growing movement of people determined to make the future of work promising for everyone.

Reporting about Work and Wealth

On the eve of a major Ontario government review of employment standards and labour relations legislation in 2014, none of Canada’s largest media outlets had a full-time labour beat.

In response to this coverage deficit, Atkinson partnered with the Toronto Star to create a “work and wealth” beat. Our shared vision was to increase reporting from the perspective of low-wage earners and unemployed people. The Star has complete editorial independence and provides the beat reporter Sara Mojtehedzadeh with the editorial, legal and other supports required to produce high quality, accessible public interest journalism.

This is an example of philanthropic and private resources working together to patch a hole in the country’s newsgathering system during the difficult transition from print to digital.

Using Technology for Civic Engagement

Atkinson Associate on Civic Technology Jennifer Hollett wrote this 2015 primer for decent work advocates to help us use technology to advance our public policy agendas. Jen also collaborated with Nick Kozak to curate a photojournalism project on decent work in 2016.  She provided her perspective on the future of work debate for us in this article. You can hear Jen’s story of community organizing and activism in this video.