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Updates from Atkinson’s community of partners, collaborators and allies.

3 Sep 20
This Labour Day, let's create banners to celebrate everyone who's looking out for the future of workers: essential workers, decent work organizers and movements for justice. Download a banner-making kit here. Read more >
31 Aug 20
Economist and Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers Armine Yalnizyan explains the current 'she-cession' and what's in a 'she-covery.' Plus, sign up to receive her new e-letter directly in your inbox! Read more >
19 Aug 20
In a new report from the Decent Work and Health Network, health providers make the urgent case for paid sick days in every jurisdiction in Canada to protect against a COVID-19 second wave. Read more >
18 Aug 20
The Ontario Nonprofit Network and the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario have released a report based on a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on over 1000 nonprofits and charities in Ontario. Read more >
14 Aug 20
The Workers' Action Centre has released the results of a survey of 1,437 workers about their experiences with the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and their concerns about what comes next. Read more >
13 Aug 20
The Toronto Community Benefits Network's Rosemarie Powell makes the case for CBAs in the federal government's planned infrastructure projects over the next decade, worth $187 billion. Read more >
12 Aug 20
COVID-19 has highlighted how healthy child development, families, and our economy depend on high quality child care -- and decent work for early childhood educators. Read more >
12 Aug 20
Child care advocates from across Canada urge Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland to build a pan-Canadian child care system. Read more >
10 Aug 20
The Equal Pay Coalition and Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women are hosting a monthly webinar series to strategize and plan actions that address the root causes of economic marginalization. Read more >
6 Aug 20
Shannon Rohan (Shareholder Association for Research and Education) lays out three initial steps for philanthropic foundations looking to advance racial justice and equity through their investments. Read more >
16 Jul 20
As provinces including Ontario re-open, the Decent Work and Health Network is calling for immediate and permanent paid sick days for all workers, with a day of action on July 18. Read more >
14 Jul 20
The federal government extended CERB for 8 weeks. On July 20, the Workers' Action Centre the Fight for $15 and Fairness are holding an online meeting to strategize next actions on income supports for workers. Read more >
11 Jul 20
The Canadian Women's Foundation, Ontario Nonprofit Network, and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives are collaborating on a new series of reports focused on how the pandemic recovery can contribute to a more gender-equitable Canada. Read more >
20 Jun 20
The federal government has announced it will be investing billions of dollars in infrastructure projects across Canada - these must create opportunities and decent work for women, Black, Indigenous, and racialized people through community benefits agreements. Read more >
18 Jun 20
In an op-ed in the Toronto Star, Carolyn Ferns (Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care) and Alana Powell (Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario) examine at the challenges of re-opening child care centres and why now is the time to build a better child care system. Read more >
11 Jun 20
Award-winning journalist Stephanie Nolen will investigate the structural issues that created the conditions for the COVID-19 crisis and the public policy solutions required to address them. Read more >
5 Jun 20
The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change released a report of over a thousand complaints from migrant workers and their organizations that were unheeded by federal and provincial authorities and consulates in advance of the recent COVID-19 outbreaks. Read more >
3 Jun 20
In the first paper of the PowerShare program, economist Jim Stanford describes 10 ways that work must change “for the good” as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >
28 May 20
As the Government of Ontario turns its attention towards recovery, the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario and the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care lay out a plan to reopen the province's child care centres. Read more >
27 May 20
The Toronto Star's Work and Wealth reporter, Sara Mojtehedzadeh, talks to The Big Story podcast about her investigation into Foodora couriers fight for decent work. Read more >
25 May 20
Economist Jim Stanford spoke to CBC's The Sunday Edition's Michael Enright on Sunday, May 24th, about how the economic crisis related to COVID-19 is different, who has been hit hardest, and why we need the government to play a big role in rebuilding the economy. Read more >
20 May 20
May 21st is a Day of Action calling on the Ontario government to ensure that all workers have access to 21 days of paid emergency leave. Read more >
6 May 20
The Toronto Aboriginal Support Services Council (TASSC) has hit the pavement to support their members. TASSC's executive director describes seeing “tremendous magic happen” within the community since emergency measures began. Read more about how. Read more >
1 May 20
This pandemic has confirmed the real value of social trust and cohesion, writes Jim Stanford. He compares responses to this crisis in Canada and the United States. Read more >
1 May 20
In recognition of May Day 2020, the Migrant Rights Network released a video featuring migrant and undocumented workers in Canada to call for a COVID-19 response that leaves no one behind. Read more >
30 Apr 20
The Ontario Nonprofit Network has proposed a $680 million Stabilization Fund to support the nonprofit sector to ensure that nonprofits and charities can help rebuild the economy and communities. Read more >
30 Apr 20
ACORN Canada released a report on the state of renters in the country and the impacts COVID-19 is having on them. Read more >
29 Apr 20
As the City of Toronto begins work on recovery from COVID-19, over 20 local organizations propose ten principles for a bold, green, just recovery. Read more >
17 Apr 20
The Toronto Star's Shree Paradkhar has won two Amnesty International Canada Media Awards for her 2018-2019 Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy series called Education Without Oppression. Read more >
14 Apr 20
Kevin Thomas is the CEO of SHARE. He wrote an op-ed for the Globe and Mail on April 8, 2020 about the importance of bringing an end to large executive pay packages -- now more than ever. Read more >
6 Apr 20
The Ontario Nonprofit Network conducted a flash survey to examine how organizations across Ontario are affected by COVID-19. The report concludes that nonprofits and charities are facing a triple threat. Read more >
6 Apr 20
Deena Ladd is the executive director of the Workers' Action Centre. She spoke to CBC's The Sunday Edition's Michael Enright on Sunday, April 5th, about the working conditions of cleaners in Canada. Read more >
31 Mar 20
Hundreds of workers joined the Workers' Action Centre (WAC) and $15 and Fairness' first webinar on workers' rights during COVID-19. They are hosting another webinar on Thursday April 2 at 7:00 PM. Read more >
31 Mar 20
The Equal Pay Coalition is hosting the first Equal Pay Day Virtual Rally Canada-wide on Saturday 4 April at 1:00 PM EDT. Read more >
30 Mar 20
A webinar for health workers on the COVID-19 crisis. Read more >
27 Mar 20
The Migrant Rights Network and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change is calling on us today to act to ensure income support for all. Read more >
24 Mar 20
Economist Jim Stanford analyzes government responses to COVID-19, in Canada and around the world. Read more >
23 Mar 20
On Monday, March 23rd at 4 PM, join the Ryerson Leadership Lab and three leaders who have been on the front lines of these issues, and with the people affected, for an online video conversation. Read more >
23 Mar 20
SHARE's Director of Stakeholder Advocacy Anthony Schein looks at how companies are dealing with employees during this crisis and how we can build a sustainable economy. Read more >
20 Mar 20
Nonprofit workers and organizations have been stepping up in their communities to respond to the increased need for supports and services during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more >
20 Mar 20
These relentless decent work organizers and advocates are looking out for the lives and livelihoods of workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more >