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Updates from Atkinson’s community of partners, collaborators and allies.

13 Jan 23
A new resource from the Ontario Nonprofit Network takes a dive into the decent work movement, compiling various resources addressing decent work, racial justice, and Indigenous sovereignty. Read more >
30 Aug 22
The results of a sector-wide survey by the Ontario Nonprofit Network and l’Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario have been released in a new report, alongside five policy recommendations for government and three calls to action for the non-profit sector. Read more >
8 Jul 22
A new paper from the Ontario Nonprofit Network explores the wage disparity for care workers in Ontario and how to make wage parity a reality. Read more >
3 May 22
In a new report from the Workers' Action Centre, frontline workers are presenting a plan for action to learn the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure decent work for all. Read more >
27 Apr 22
A new primer from the Justice For Workers campaign explores why the fight for decent work is essential for racial justice. Read more >
25 Apr 22
A new report from the Centre for Future Work counters the common narrative that robots and algorithms will soon leave many unemployed. In it, Dr. Jim Stanford explores the implications of technological deceleration in Canadian workplaces and how workers can meaningfully shape the future of work. Read more >
13 Apr 22
A new report from the Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development details the state of the child care workforce across Canada and why the success of Canada's emerging national early learning and child care system depends on a foundation of decent work for Early Childhood Educators. Read more >
8 Apr 22
April 12, 2022 is Equal Pay Day! Find out the research behind the gender pay gap and take action with the Equal Pay Coalition. Read more >
6 Apr 22
A new report from the Decent Work and Health Network diagnoses what's gone wrong in Canada's COVID-19 planning and response, and what decent work policies need to be legislated to ensure a healthy recovery for all. Read more >
3 Mar 22
The Ontario Nonprofit Network has pulled together key resources to help nonprofits build wealth in their communities. Read more >
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