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Early Childhood Education, Pharmacare & Pensions
Taking care of each other

Reducing inequality requires either increased incomes or lower costs for the majority. Employers and owners have to share more of the productivity gains and profits with workers. If they’re not willing or able, all of us will have to pay more to expand affordable access to child care, pharmacare, pensions and other supports — to take the pinch out of small pay cheques, make work decent, and take care of each other, especially in a time of slow to no economic growth.

Latest Report

Established in 2011, the Early Childhood Education Report is released every three years to evaluate the quality of provincial/territorial early years services against a 15-point scale. Results are populated from detailed profiles of each jurisdiction. The report is organized around five categories with 19 benchmarks forming a common set of minimum criteria contributing to the delivery of quality programming. Learn more >