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Employment Insurance
Re-imagining how to pool risk

Canada’s only decent work program is now in its fourth decade.  After an initial period of expansion, it began to decline and is now in desperate need of renewal. This post provides Atkinson’s perspective on the program’s history and its future.


Employment Insurance
Next Steps on the Road to Renewal
A new paper by Dr. Donna E. Wood that makes the case for a comprehensive review of Canada's Employment Insurance Program published in January 2019.
Employment Insurance @ 75
A Roundtable on Canada's Decent Work Program
This is the record of a discussion on Canada’s Employment Insurance Program hosted by the Atkinson Foundation, Mowat Centre and Broadbent Institute in October 2017.
The Seventy-Five Year Decline
How Government Expropriated Employment Insurance from Canadian Workers and Employers and Why This Matters
Dr. Donna Wood, one of Canada's foremost experts on employment insurance, wrote this paper to mark its 75th anniversary and to look to its future. The Mowat Centre published it in June 2017.
A Response to “The Seventy-Five Year Decline"
Commentary on Dr. Donna Wood's Paper
The Broadbent Institute's Andrew Jackson provided a perspective on this program and Dr. Wood's paper to kick-off discussion at the roundtable.