Media Round-Up: November 28 to December 4

A weekly round-up of insight and analysis in the media from Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers, Armine Yalnizyan.

“…when it comes to childcare, they need dance partners at the provincial level,” Armine told Maclean’s on analyzing the Fall Economic Statement where the “she-cession” was referenced and a national early learning and child care commitment. (November 30)

Armine spoke with Global News about the pandemic’s economic impact has disproportionately affected working mothers, and to move more quickly on early learning and child care to ensure an equitable economic recovery. (November 30)

“The playbook for recovery has got to be different.” Armine told CBC News’ The National. Encouraged by the language in the federal fiscal update, and looking for evidence of urgency in the timelines to deliver on it. (December 1)

Armine shared her reaction to the federal fiscal update with BNN Bloomberg emphasizing that it addressed the need but not the urgency of child care in addressing the impacts of the economic crisis. (December 1)

“We’re not through the pandemic,” explained Armine to Globe and Mail on whether Canada is spending enough on emergency support programs. (December 1)

Armine spoke with CBC’s Power and Politics about the implications of the Fall Economic Statement. (December 1)

Employment growth is stalling observed Armine to BNN Bloomberg on the jobs recovery as 2020 closes out. (December 3)

Armine took a deep dive with Yahoo! Finance Canada’s Editor’s Edition on how well the federal fiscal update addresses the economic crisis. (December 3)