23 Feb 2018

The Power of the Public Sector

Thank you for inviting me to pick up the conversation where David Watson left off last night. Like UNISON Scotland, the Atkinson Foundation knows inequality is a political choice and not a natural condition. Read more >
22 Jan 2018

Calling all Decent Work Activists!

The Atkinson Decent Work Fund is open and ready to hear from you. Since 2014, we have invested over $3 million in... Read more >
23 Nov 2017

An Economy for Everyone

Opening remarks for a panel discussion on "making economies work for everyone" at the Inter-Parliamentary... Read more >
4 Nov 2017

The Good Fight

Pictured here with the lead campaigners for the Fight for $15 and Fairness, Atkinson's Executive Director Colette... Read more >
4 Nov 2017

Rescuing Work

Atkinson's Executive Director Colette Murphy presented a special gift to Toronto Star Work and Wealth Reporter... Read more >
4 Nov 2017

Humanity Above All

Atkinson's Executive Director Colette Murphy's offered this toast during a reception for the Atkinson family... Read more >
1 Nov 2017

Imagine the Thread

I was a kid who loved the weekend comics but who never quite became a comic book nerd. I discovered Chester... Read more >
25 Oct 2017

Building Economic and Democratic Power: Lessons from the Road

On a unseasonably hot and sunny mid September morning, an Ontario-based group of community leaders travelled to... Read more >
17 Oct 2017

On Turning 75

In the same year as the Unemployment Insurance Act was passed by the House of Commons, Joseph Atkinson turned 75. Read more >
11 Sep 2017

What would Mr. Atkinson do?

A new reporting position has been created at the Toronto Star to increase coverage of issues related to democratic... Read more >
25 Apr 2017

Movements, Money and Possibilities 3/3

“What about the other 96.5%?” is a question preoccupying many foundations here in Canada and elsewhere. This is the... Read more >
11 Apr 2017

Cities Building Wealth for All

A keynote delivered at the Cities Reducing Poverty Summit on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in Hamilton by Atkinson’s Colette... Read more >
9 Nov 2016

Anchored in the Gap

An address delivered at the University of Toronto Scarborough Fall Convocation on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 in Toronto... Read more >
26 Aug 2016

Learning from Civic Tech Activists

“How many of you work in tech?” It’s International Women’s Day and I’m hosting a panel on women in tech, with... Read more >
12 Aug 2016

Movements, Money and Possibilities 2/3

Last month I travelled to Buffalo for a conference that brought together community organizers, advocates and academics... Read more >
7 Jun 2016

Engaging Shareholders

Today, Jenn Miller and I are attending the Responsible Investing Association (RIA) Conference on behalf of the Atkinson... Read more >
9 May 2016

Collaborative Storytelling

At the heart of the internet, if you look closely, people are having a conversation. Whether it’s asking Google a... Read more >
19 Apr 2016

Bending and Breathing

“Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long,” advised Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “but it bends toward... Read more >
5 Apr 2016

Movements, Money and Possibilities 1/3

Black Lives Matter Toronto's camp was disbanded on Monday following a powerful exchange between the Premier and... Read more >
29 Jan 2016

A Victory For Children

On January 26th, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the federal government discriminates against First... Read more >
14 Jan 2016

Peter Goodspeed on The Atkinson

Some stories just won’t leave you alone. I’ll always remember my first foreign assignment as a reporter,... Read more >
19 Nov 2015

Projects, Policy and Power

A five-minute "rapid fire" presentation delivered at the Philanthropic Foundations Canada Symposium on... Read more >
20 Oct 2015

Atkinson Supports #TOProsperity

Notes for a Deputation by Atkinson's Colette Murphy in support of the City of Toronto's first Poverty... Read more >
27 Jul 2015

This Could Be the Start of Something Big

Anyone who follows the work of the Atkinson Foundation knows it has embarked on an exciting new phase in its 73-year... Read more >
15 Jun 2015

Reaping the Benefits of Tower Renewal

A movement is afoot in Toronto to ensure local communities reap the benefits of major infrastructure and housing... Read more >
9 Jun 2015

Introducing Generation 9/11

Where were you on September 11, 2001? I don’t really remember, but I've grown up with its consequences. Read more >
19 Dec 2014

Five Takeaways from RootsCamp 2014

RootsCamp is annual two day event for organizers, a project of the New Organizing Institute. It’s a self-proclaimed... Read more >
2 Oct 2014

What Activists and Startups Have In Common

A few years ago, I worked at the Beehive. There was no honey or bee stings involved, just a playful name for... Read more >
16 Jun 2014

The Wealthy Community

On New Year’s Eve, 1900, newspaper magnate James Scripps wrote a letter containing “a prophecy for Detroit as a... Read more >
13 Jun 2014

True Confessions of a News Junkie

I am a self-confessed news junkie. Everyday I devour four newspapers and up to 12 blogs. In my downtime I can be found... Read more >
30 Apr 2014

Do You Want Fairness With Those Fries?

McJobs. For years, the fast food industry has been almost synonymous with jobs that are poorly compensated and offer... Read more >
2 Apr 2014

Oh Canada, When Did We Start to Settle for Unpaid Work?

When Mum graduated from the Technical University of Istanbul three decades ago, she got hired on the spot. After years... Read more >