Challenging Inequality

Atkinson is part of a global movement of workers, community organizers and policy innovators who believe inequality is not inevitable. It’s a choice. We choose to help change the systems, structures, policies and programs that hold some people back while others race ahead.

We aim to align our mission and money in everything we do — from how we manage investments and make grants to how we procure goods and services.

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Learn more about our current partners and funder collaborators  below.


We make long-term financial commitments to our Ontario-based partners. That’s why we don’t hold an open call for proposals often. If you see an opening or opportunity for immediate action on a long-term strategy related to creating decent work and a fair economy, reach out to us and let’s explore what’s possible.


ACORN Institute Canada

Association for Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Hamilton Community Foundation | Hamilton Community Benefits Network

Jamaican Canadian Association | Black Urbanism TO

Labour Community Services of Metropolitan Toronto | Toronto Community Benefits Network

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants | Chinese Canadian National Council – Toronto

Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre | Decent Work and Health Network

Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre | Migrant Workers Alliance for Change

Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre | Workers’ Action Centre

Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre | Parkdale People’s Economy Project

Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre | Toronto Environmental Alliance


Toronto Neighbourhood Centres | Ontario Nonprofit Network

City of Toronto | AnchorTO

National Aboriginal Trust Officers Association | Shareholder Association for Research and Education


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | Centre for Future Work (Dr. Jim Stanford)

Shareholder Association for Research and Education

The Governing Council of the University of Toronto | Atkinson Centre

The Local

Toronto Metropolitan University | Yellowhead Institute

Toronto Star

Funder Collaborations

We participate in a small number of funder coalitions and collaborations to support our partnerships:

community-labour organizing for modern employment standards and labour relations with the Metcalf Foundation and Maytree Foundation; 

community wealth building with the City of Toronto, Hamilton Community Foundation, Metcalf Foundation, and United Way Greater Toronto;

mission-related investment opportunities, including the Affordable Rental Preservation Investment Vehicle, with the Hamilton Community Foundation, Inspirit Foundation, Metcalf Foundation, Toronto Foundation, and other funders; and,

advocacy for quality, publicly-funded, early childhood education with the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation, Lyle S. Hallman Foundation, Lawson Foundation, Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation, J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, Muttart Foundation, and Jimmy Pratt Foundation.