The Atkinson Foundation

The Atkinson Foundation promotes social and economic justice. Inspired by the Atkinson Principles, we are grant makers, advocates and investors who have been working to make Ontario more equitable, inclusive and prosperous since 1942.  Ours is a long story. We’ll be posting a timeline with milestones soon. Here are our most recent chapters.

Joseph Atkinson and Elmina Elliott

Joseph Atkinson and Elmina Elliott were life-long partners in the fight for social and economic justice in the 20th century. They were principled and pragmatic journalists, activists and civic leaders. They were also faithful philanthropists who established the Atkinson Foundation to continue their fight when they no longer could. Joseph was the editor and later the publisher and owner of the Toronto Star from 1899 to 1948.  This is their story.

In 2017, the Atkinson Foundation turned 75. We commissioned this graphic novella to tell the story of Canada’s fight for decent work in Joseph Atkinson’s times. It’s a story that helps us understand our times and imagine the future of work.


Meet Atkinson’s Board of Directors, Executive Director, and staff team. We've come to Atkinson from the academy, journalism, labour, business, government and the wider community.