This Minute Greatest Hits

For two years, Atkinson Fellow on the Future of Workers Armine Yalnizyan has provided her up-to-the-minute commentary through her Substack, This Minute. To celebrate the anniversary, we picked a few of her greatest hits that are still informing how we can create a better future for all workers! Check out the track listing, album covers, and liner notes below:

1. As good as it gets?

In 2020, Armine’s very first This Minute examined how the COVID-19 pandemic has remixed economic narratives and how pandemic recovery could maximize everyone’s potential. 

2. The price of cheap

Armine tackled the costs of so-called ‘cheap labour’ and hit all the right notes on why decent work for migrants is critical to our collective health and our healthcare system.

3. Was it worth the wait?

With the announcement of all provinces signing on to the federal government’s national early learning and child care system, Armine joined advocates like the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario, Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Atkinson Centre in naming decent work for ECEs as a critical pillar for a high quality national system.

4. Care is a powerhouse

Armine did the math: the care economy contributes 12.3% of Canada’s GDP and 21% of jobs. In this newsletter she imagines how the future of workers might sing, if all care workers had decent work.

5. Time is money

We closed out This Minute’s Greatest Hits with this reflection from Armine on the power workers have over their time – and who changes the rules that affect them.

So there you have it – This Minute’s Greatest Hits! Is there one stuck in your head? A deep cut we missed? Let us know on social with the hashtag #ThisMinuteGreatestHits or at