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News, presentations and reflections from Atkinson’s Chief Executive Officer Colette Murphy and the rest of the Atkinson team.

28 Jul 15
Anyone who follows the work of the Atkinson Foundation knows it has embarked on an exciting new phase in its 73-year history of advancing Joseph Atkinson’s vision of an equitable society. I’m one of those people, and I’m thrilled to join the Foundation as its Director of Social Investment. Read more >
13 Jun 14
I am a self-confessed news junkie. Everyday I devour four newspapers and up to 12 blogs. In my downtime I can be found watching TVO's The Agenda or endless hours of the Canadian Parliamentary Affairs Channel. If I'm feeling really hungry I may watch CNN for a scream-fest or two. Read more >
5 Jun 14
Generations of journalists have been raised on the adage, “scratch a reporter and you’ll find a reformer.” Today’s journalists use their curiosity, investigative zeal and analytical skill to shed light on human nature and the way we have organized Canada. Read more >
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