Bargaining Tech

Report cover: Centre for Future Work

Discussions of the “future of work” are dominated by talk of the potential of technology and the impact this is having and will have have on workers. But “technology ” does not act on its own  – how it shapes the future depends on human choices.

Dr Jim Stanford and Kathy Bennett dive deep into these issues in a new report for the Centre for Future Work’s Powershare program, Bargaining Tech: Strategies for Shaping Technological Change to Benefit WorkersThey interrogate whether new technology will lead to mass unemployment or degrade peoples’ quality of work. They also look at how unions in Canada are organizing to ensure they can continue to have decent work in the face of technological change.

To hear more, join the report’s authors in a webinar on June 15, 2021 at 7:00pm (EST) and read the report here.