Equal Pay Now!

Image credit: Equal Pay Coalition

April 12, 2022 marks the date that the average woman in Ontario has to have worked to earn what the average man will have earned in 2021.

The gender pay gap for in Ontario is 32 percent. The gap increases further for racialized women, Indigenous women, immigrant and migrant women, women with disabilities, elderly women, and  women who identify as LGBTQ.

The Equal Pay Coalition has been advocating for pay equity for over 40 years. They recently conducted a poll that found:

  • 85% of Ontarians stated that it is important for the Ontario government to do more to promote women’s economic equality;
  • 88% of Ontarians stated that it is important to women’s economic equality to ensure decent wages for women working in publicly funded care work and community and social services.

To learn more about the gender pay gap and take action this Equal Pay Day, check out the Coalition’s work here.