Building Gender Equity

The Canadian Women’s Foundation, Ontario Nonprofit Network, and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives are collaborating on a new series of reports called Resetting Normal. The series is focused on how COVID-19 has exposed the challenges faced in achieving gender equity in Canada and  how the pandemic recovery efforts can contribute to a more just Canada.

Two reports in the series have been published.

Most recently, the organizations collaborated with Atkinson Board Member Fay Faraday on Women, Decent Work, and Canada’s Fractured Care Economy. This report examines how the economic crisis of COVID-19 has fallen on women, particularly low-income women who face intersecting inequalities based on race, class, disability, immigration status and more. It looks at the necessity of decent work and public investments in care work, including long-term care, child care, and gender-based violence services.

They also produced a report in May 2020, Funding a Thriving Women’s Sector.  It looks at the support needed in women-serving and equity-seeking organizations to tackle issues like gender-based violence and financial precarity.

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