Celebrating Labour Day

This Labour Day, let’s create banners to celebrate everyone who’s looking out for the future of workers. Raise your voice for essential workers, decent work organizers and movements for justice.

Banner making kits are available from the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre for download here, and for pick-up if you’re in the Hamilton area.

This is inspired by the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre’s permanent collection of labour banners, “All Together Now!”.

On Saturday September 5th, at 1:00PM, tune into a live streamed show-and-tell on the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre’s Facebook page with their Program and Exhibitions Specialist Sonali Menezes.

On Monday September 7th, Labour Day, we’ll be sharing our banners on social. Join in by using the hashtags #makeallworkvisible #labourday2020. Please tag us in on Twitter with @AtkinsonCF and @WAHC to see your solidarity and creativity.

The banner pictured above was created by Atkinson’s Nora Cole.