How Nonprofits Can Foster Community Wealth Building

Image credit: Nick Kozak

For decades, nonprofit organizations have been on the frontlines of serving communities and addressing the harms of our current economic systems. Now, as community based ‘anchor’ institutions, they are leveraging their purchasing power to invest in local businesses and distribute wealth widely, equitably, and locally.

In their new publication, the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN) asserts that nonprofits have a unique and important role to play in both the demand and supply side of community wealth building. The report introduces nonprofits to the concept and provides resources on the different kinds of roles nonprofits may play in building community wealth. 

In addition to these resources, the ONN provides six recommendations to increase both supply and demand for locally sourced goods and services from community enterprises.

Read each recommendation and learn more about how and why community wealth building matters to the nonprofit sector here.