Justice for Workers Means Racial Justice

Photo Credit: Justice For Workers

The Justice For Workers campaign has released a new primer, Justice For Workers Means Racial Justice. It examines how the decent work agenda is also fundamentally a matter of racial, gender, and disability justice.

Low wages, unsafe working conditions, part-time hours, no benefits, or paid sick days are harmful for all. But as the primer details, racism in the labour market means migrant, Indigenous, Black, and other workers of colour are forced into the worst jobs, with the least protections, lowest wages, and highest precarity.

That’s why the Justice for Worker campaign is calling for decent wages, equal pay for equal work, paid sick days, fair dismissal processes, basic labour protections and secure immigration status for all – regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or physical ability. Fighting to improve labour and employment law requires urgent and concentrated efforts to centre racial, gender, and disability justice. 

Read the full primer here and join the campaign.