Stop Employment Insurance Rollbacks

Image credit: Justice for Workers campaign

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, the federal government created new income supports and improvements to the Employment Insurance (EI) system, to ensure workers could survive.  They also began the process of reviewing EI to better meet the needs of workers.

But with the review still not complete, those improvements are due to expire on September 24.

The Good Jobs for All Coalition outlines what these changes will mean for workers in this document. Among the changes, qualifying hours for EI benefits are set to rise. This will impact workers least likely to have decent work, disproportionately affecting  women and racialized workers.

There are still realtime crises for workers in many communities and sectors and workers are still getting sick. That’s why the Justice for Workers campaign, along with other workers groups and unions, is organizing to extend the EI recovery rules until a new EI is launched.

To participate, you can: